Company Profile

25 Years on the Market                                                          

All these years we are effectively serving industriesA privately held company established in 1992. Abhar Wire and Cable (AWC) is Iran’s largest manufacturer of high quality electric cables as well as a major exporter to neighboring markets of the Middle East and Central Asia. AWC has earned a reputation for excellence, innovation and the delivery of project success. Our cables are recognized as the preferred product for landmark projects across industries both in Iran and international markets. These include projects critical to the sustained development and growth of key economic sectors and the infrastructure that supports them. Similarly, internationally, AWC has also developed a reputation for excellence, innovation and the delivery of high quality cables and solutions. We have long served leading major international companies operating in Iran as well as working directly to supply customers in regional markets. We maintain our edge internationally both through the fostering of long standing relationships we have developed over the past two decades as well as through the forging of strategic partnerships and alliances with key international industry players. Among other sectors, we are the leading cable supplier to Iran’s vast hydrocarbon industry. We were the first local cable manufacturer to supply the Iranian oil industry including various mega exploration and extraction projects and have been the sole Iranian cable manufacturer to have taken part in the South Pars Field Development Project, the world’s largest gas field.

 Why Businesses Choose Us 

How we differ from other wire and cable manufacturer?  Cables and wires products build by AWC are used in a broad range of private and public sector organizations spanning the Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Refining, Infrastructure, Construction, Mining & Metals, Cement and Marine industries and other Industrial markets. The design requirements for your project might differ from those of anyone else, because yours will apply to your specific situation. Your requirements might be more specific and directly related to meeting the needs of your project. We are specialists who can customize cables to suit the requirements of our clients.Some of customizable characteristics our experienced team builds include:

Physical characteristics:
1.    Color
2.    Electrical properties (resistance, impedance…)
3.    Impact resistance

Performance characteristics:
1.   Strength
2.   Resistance
3.   Flammability
4.   Insulation properties

Besides, AWC’s manufacturing facilities, which span over 68,000 m2 of covered production and services space, is located in close vicinity to Iran’s extensive network of highways, railroads, ports and major cities, which is a strategic location enabling it to effectively serve both domestic and international markets. This is a major competitive advantage of the company and enables for the most cost effective and timely production and delivery of world class quality cables in the market. Different industries choose us because we develop high-quality products and constantly improve it.

Wide Variety of Products

AWC is serious about market needsLeveraging the use of modern production equipment our cabling group manufactures the most comprehensive range of state-of-the-art cables to meet the diverse range of requirements across industries. Featured below are our major product ranges and applications. 
o    LV Power 
o    MV Power
o    HV Power
o    Instrument
o    Control & Signaling
o    Fire Performance Cables
o    Flexible Wire & Light Power Cable
o    Marine Cables
o    Aerial Bundle cables
o    Cable Accessories

AWC Research and Development (R&D) Center

Where technology and operation go hand in hand Our laboratory is currently the largest in the Middle East.To achieve even better quality of our products we turn to innovative technologies, do research to foster the future of energy path. We believe that Innovation is what drives business, so that is where our approach to design and development starts. We are honored to be the first cable manufacturer who could achieve 
•   400 KV 
•   Solar cables 
•   Marine cables

We have changed and evolved, and will continue to do so as technology changes.