• Alireza Kolahi

    Alireza Kolahi


    Alireza joined Abhar Wire & Cable in 2003. He was instrumental in managing AWC's transition following the passing of his father, the company's founder. In 2015 Alireza was elected to of the council of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, holding the position of Vice-Chairman of its Trade Promotion Commission. Prior to that in 2009 Alireza became the youngest person to be elected to the executive board of Iran Electrical Industry Syndicate, the country's largest Industrial NGO. Attending school at Winchester College in 1995, Alireza moved to Iran where he joined the advisory business of Ernst and Young providing consultative services to international firms operating in iran.

  • Cyrus Sherafat

    Cyrus Sherafat

    Executive Board Member

    Cyrus is one of the founding partners of Abhar Wire & Cable, which he helped to establish alongside founder, Hossein Kolahi, in 1992. Since its founding, he has held numerous high level positions at the Company including strategic posts such as Chairman of the Board between 2004-2014. Prior to AWC, he part of the founding team of a number of other industrial, sister companies to Abhar. Pervious to that, he spent 10 years at Iran's Ministry of Economy, where he was responsible for international affairs including economic ties with key developing countries. Cyrus holds a Bachelors Degree in Commerce from Univercity Technical College at Watford, UK.

  • Hossein Mirbabaee

    Hossein Mirbabaee

    Head of Manufacturing Facilities

    Hossein joined in 1994 and is responsible for managing Abhar Wire & Cable's manufacruing facitlites and the Nourin Industrial Complex, where AWC's cable production facilities are located alongside other sisters companies. Prior to joining AWC, Hossein has held management roles at Alborz Cable and Wire Company. He studied Management at the Iran School of Economics.

  • Rasoul Keyvanara

    Rasoul Keyvanara

    Chief Financial Officer

    Rasoul, has joined Abhar Wire & Cable in 2013, and he is responsible for the company's financial operations. He brings to Abhar 35 years of high-level experience in finance and accounting and has held senior management roles at leading public and private sector organisations in Iran including some of the country's largest institutions operating across multiple sectors. Rasoul holds a Masters Degree in Financial Management from the University of Isfahan.

  • Davoud Sabouri

    Davoud Sabouri

    Managing Director

    Davoud joined Abhar Wire & Cable team in 1997, during these years he has been involved with the Company in a number of capacities, such as Factory Manger, Head of Quality Control and Business Development. Previous to Abhar, Davoud worked as business Development Manager in Iran's Food and Agriculture Ministry. He has gain his MBA from the prestigious Tehran University and has a degree in Chemical Engineering.

  • Ali Moghoufeh

    Ali Moghoufeh

    Head of Sales & Business development

    Ali joined Abhar Wire & Cable in 1995 and is currently head of the Company's sales division and responsible for business development. He has been instrumental in AWC's customer growth and has been involved with the Company in a number of capacities including production manager. Previous to AWC, Ali worked at Pars Electric, Iran's biggest vision and sound company for 10 years. He studied Industrial Engineering and planning at Iran University of Science and Technology.

  • Mana Mahaseni

    Mana Mahaseni

    VP of Marketing & Strategy

    Mana coming from a multidisciplinary background which combines undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering as well as 16 years' experience as design and sales engineer and manager in HVAC and Oil and Gas Fields. Mana Joined Abhar wire and Cable in 2011 as VP of Purchasing and Procurement. She implanted strategy in Purchasing and did a very close cooperation with planning and finance departments so after years, purchasing of ingredients became routine and smooth in AWC despite all the sanctions on those years. She moved to America in 2013 and when she came back in 2016 till now, she is VP of Marketing to improve the AWC's Sales domain.